6 Things About Minecraft That Make You Mad

1. When a seed that you specifically looked up on the Internet doesn’t work.

2. When you have a mansion and a set of diamond tools and armor and a beacon and everything, and then you just die.

3. When a Creeper blows up all the awesome stuff that you built.

4. When you try to kill a cow or chicken bare-handed and they run around everywhere.

5. when you find a Zombie that has golden armor and you have to kill it. Then it kills you.

6. When you need some leather really bad and when your sword breaks, You have absolutely no leather at all.

Well, that’s it. (Oh, and if you know how to operate a beacon, please type it in the comments. Because I have absolutely no idea how.)


The Bottle Cap Fidget Spinner

Have you ever made a fidget spinner out of BOTTLE CAPS? Actually, most of you probably haven’t made a fidget spinner at all. Well, I’m taking a video of it soon, and then I’ll post it on Youtube. So you might want to check it out.

By the way, you might be wondering: “How the heck did you make that?” I’ll show you how I did it. First, you’re gonna need some materials. You need five bottle caps, a hot glue gun (My mom helped me with that part.), a toothpick, pliers, a screwdriver, a sharpie, cardboard, and three pennies. I’ll tell you how to make it in the video. Trust me, the video is going to be hawesome!

Well, bye.

The Camps

I’ve got too many camps. Just too many. They’re not real camps where you spend the night and stuff. They are day camps. Let’s see, there’s two soccer camps, one science camp, and one science and art camp. Then I have to practice baseball. WHY???

I’m taking the camp at my school now, and it’s not so bad. We’re studying archeology, and we get to go to the NASC tomorrow! (Native American Study Center) The next day we’re going to a dig site and dig up artifacts!

Today we had this man and his wife come in and they brought a whole bunch of old Native American stuff. There was this axe thingy, an arrow made of river cane and turkey feathers, and a whole bunch of other weird stuff. (The guy said river cane is really rare.)

Well, thanks for reading. Bye!

The New Comic Books

You know, I would just write these two stories on my blog, but I want to turn them into comics. They’re called The Bat and the Zombies and Littleman vs. Mrs. M. Now, I know it sounds dumb. But The Bat and the Zombies is actually a very good idea.

It’s about these scientists who are trying to make a baseball bat for Babe Ruth. They spill some kind of chemicals on it and it turns evil. Then the evil bat telepathically controls everyone and basically turns everyone into mindless zombies. These two guys survive and on and on and on…

For Littleman vs. Mrs. M. … me and my third-grade teacher got into a fight. (I’m going into fourth grade now and I picked her because she’s my all-time favorite teacher). We have swords, shields, nun-chucks, and weapons like that. We like super heroes and super villains, which is why I’m making this comic.

Well, thanks for reading. Bye!

“Mars” picture from: Little-man

I made a “Mars” picture on Abcya, Pixel Art! Abcya, Pixle Art is an elementary school game program that has Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. There must be at least 100 games on there. I played Pixle Art. Pixle Art is where there are a WHOLE bunch of tiny little blocks. Then you can use different colors to decorate it. Well, I made  the show “Mars”. Mars is an almost an hour long show that’s about a group of people who go to Mars, and the weird thing is, it’s set in 2033! And I made a picture of Mars. And that’s how I made the “Mars” picture. You can get n it too! Just look up: Abcya or Abcya Pixle Art. Bye! screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-7-16-36-pm

The results of “The competition of Lysol and Scrubbing Bubbles”

Guess what?! Just like I thought, Scrubbing Bubbles has won! Sorry I haven’t given the results yet, I forgot to ask. But, as usual, mom has cheated and is still using Lysol. (Which I  think is totally unfair) But I told dad he could have an imaginary trophy since mom cheated. Well, that’s it for now. Bye! (Don’t forget about the Character and playset competition! I’m changing it to January 1)

The Competition of Lysol and Scrubbing Bubbles

Guess What!? My mom and dad are having a competition of which cleaning supplies to clean with. Mom says: “We should use Lysol because all you have to do is spray it down and wait about 5 or 15 minutes and then wipe it down once per spot.” Dad says: “We should use Scrubbing Bubbles because all you have to do is spray it down and it dissolves instantly and destroys all the germs.” And They’re gonna use Lysol on 1 half of the bath tub and use Scrubbing Bubbles on the other. So why don’t we all vote and add voting to the competition. The vote is due on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. I’M voting for Scrubbing Bubbles. Well otherwise, 2 things: 1; DO NOT FORGET THE OTHER COMPETITION WHERE YOU PUT DIFFERENT CHARACTERS IN A DIFFERENT PLAYHOUSE!!!!! 2; Don’t forget to vote, please. Bye!